Wednesday, 16 October 2013

harry potter studio tour

We went to the harry potter Warner brothers tour in Leavesdon 
first we went into a room where we were showed a short clip about how the book got turned into a world wide loved film series they then took us from there in to another room which showed us another short clip about what it was like for the actors and actresses and all the other people that were involved in the creation of 8 amazing films which came from 7 books then we walked through the front doors of the castle which led onto the set of the great hall which was lined on either side with the tables and the uniform of each house of Hogwarts and at the end of the hall was the costumes of each teacher with professor Dumbledores at the center from there we went through another set of doors which was filled with a variety of   costumes of each of the main actors in each film and almost all of the props that you see in the films from the gates of Hogwarts to the wands and broomsticks.
we then went into a marketing talk where we learnt about had the pitching method  the type of  genre  two actors that you have in mind for characters e.g Alan Rickman and Maggie smith  also what time period and locations where it would be set.   
we then had a talk about  different forms of marketing so how they designed the posters,then we had a talk about how many people work on creating and placing   one prop like one person to design the prop then another one to take the designs to the creator of the prop then one person to take the prop to the set and another person to put it on the set, then he went into more detail about how a teaser trailer works using Harry Potter as an example and gave us more of a definition on less obvious forms of marketing like having the actors appear at events and having Trafalgar square shut down for a release of harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 
my top five highlights from the tour would have to be
1. seeing the wands that were used in the film 
2. seeing dobby in a glass cabinet, 
3.seeing the model of hog warts that was used in the films, 
4.drinking the butterbeers ,
5. seeing all the actors costumes 

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